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General Engineering

General Engineering

First-Year Engineering is the launchpad for all diploma engineering students.

Establishing the basics is a crucial first step toward success, which is why we’ve established and continue to evolve our innovative First-Year Engineering program – to allow our diploma engineering students to cultivate a strong foundation on which to achieve their vision and make their mark on the world.

Through this program, we educate our students, providing them the time and resources to explore the engineering disciplines offered at the college and advising them to follow educational paths that spark something brilliant inside of them. We train, test and challenge our students, encouraging them to identify their strengths, redirect their weaknesses and define their resolve, setting them on course to go beyond what they thought was possible.

The students will learn Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry, Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Graphics and Communication English. They will also undergo practical learning in Fitting, Electrical wiring, Carpentry, Physics, Chemistry and Basics of Computer.

Full Time Faculties
1 Thiru.S.Alagappan MSc Bed Lecturer(Sen.Gr)/Physics
2 Thiru.C.Saravanan MSc MPhil BEd PGDCA Lecturer(Sen.Gr)/Maths
3 Tmt.S.Divya MA BEd Lecturer/English
4 Tmt.J.Shobanarani MSc BEd MPhil Lecturer/Maths
5 Thiru.A.Saravanan MA BEd MPhil Lecturer/English
6 Dr.V.Kannan MSc MPhil PhD Lecturer/Chemistry
7 Mrs.S.Kavitha MSc Mphil Lecturer/Chemistry
Part Time Faculties
8 Thiru.J.Richard MSc Lecturer/Physics
9 Thiru.A.John Agnel MSc Lecturer/Maths
10 Thiru.B.Nitheeshkrishnan MA MPhil Lecturer/English
11 Mr. R. Sundararajan MSc BEd  M.Phil Lecturer/Physics
12 Tmt.V.Kavitha MSc Lecturer/Chemistry
Physical Education
11 Thiru.S.Veeramanikandan BCom MPEd Mphil Physical Director
12 Thiru.K.Senthilkumar Marker(Part Time)