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Diploma in Textile Technology

Textile Technology is a comprehensive academic program that prepares students for careers in the new global business environment in design, development and manufacture of products in a variety of applications such as aerospace, medicine, architecture, automotive, apparel, sports and many others.

The recently revised Textile Technology program interweaves basic knowledge of fiber materials, science and technologies relevant to fiber processing with product design and development throughout the curriculum. The curriculum prepares students in product design/development processes, beginning with understanding of application to material selection to appropriate technologies to utilize.

Textile manufacturing is largely based on the conversion of fibre into yarn, then yarn into fabric. These are then dyed or printed, fabricated into cloth which is then converted into useful goods such as clothing, household items, upholstery and various industrial products. Overall, many things can be made with cotton, not just clothing.

Different types of fibres are used to produce yarn. Cotton remains the most widely used and common natural fiber making up 90% of all-natural fibers used in the textile industry. People often use cotton clothing and accessories because of comfort, not limited to different weathers. There are many variable processes available at the spinning and fabric-forming stages coupled with the complexities of the finishing and colouration processes to the production of a wide range of products.

Full Time Faculties
1 Thiru.M.Chandrasekar  BTech Lecturer
2 Dr. J.Arockia Anbarasu BE BLIS MPhil PHd MISTE Skilled Assistant (Grade I)
Part Time Faculties
3 Thiru.M.Sureshkumar DTT MSc Lecturer
4 Ms.I.Priya MTech Lecturer
5 Ms.N.Abinaya BTech Lecturer