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Arjun Subbu M, DEE of General Engg. Dept. - Annamalai Polytechnic College

I am a First Year students in Annamalai Polytechnic college, Chettinad. I really enjoy both online and Offline Class as the Lecturer teach the concept well and clarify our questions and doubts. We individually do the experiments in Physics, Chemistry, English, Computer lab and Workshop to gain experimental Skills Apart from academics We are attending various Seminars conducted by experts to improve our life and employability Skills our mentors regularly conduct Circle Time to express our thoughts and to improve our communication skills our mentors encouraged us to apply tablet scholarship and I am one of the awardees of Mahindra 2021 All India Talent Scholarship so, I am proud to study in APTC I would recommend APTC to any student who wants to study Diploma Course.